• 1979 Lamborghini Countach LP400S Series One

    One of just 50 LP400S Series Ones produced

    32,249 kms (20,038 miles)

    Stunning original colour of Tahiti Blue

    Matching numbers engine

    Original handbook, tools and spare wheel

  • Launched at the Geneva Salon in 1974, Lamborghini’s initial Countach offering was the LP400 and what it lacked in refinement it absolutely made up for with spectacular style.

    By 1978 however, clients were struggling to look past the foibles and Lamborghini’s answer was this: the significantly improved LP400S Series One.

    Importantly Lamborghini was clever to retain as much of what made the Countach special as possible; namely the otherworldly Bertone design, scissor doors and 4-litre V12 engine. The most obvious changes were the wider Campagnolo Bravo wheels, which were trimmed with the widest tyres ever fitted to a road car, and the flared arches to accommodate them.

Along with revisions to the suspension geometry, the LP400S had much better grip, handling and stability; all highly desirable in what was the world’s fastest production car. Over the course of three series, 237 LP400Ss were built and such low figures helped maintain Lamborghini’s image as the more exclusive Italian supercar brand. The rarest of the breed are the Series Ones as only 50 were built.

This Countach is the 48th of those 50 and was first sold to a Mr. Par Karmangar of San Diego, California and ‘federalised’ in order to meet the USA’s regulations. Fortunately and, quite unlike the later and heavily modified US examples, the changes were nowhere near as intrusive.

Finished in the universally admired original colour of Tahiti Blue, just two successive Californian owners followed Mr Karmangar before we were able to acquire this Lamborghini for our collection in 2015. Today the Countach displays 32,249kms (20,038 miles) and retains its original handbook, tools and spare wheel.

Whether its Walter Wolf’s car parked in Monaco’s F1 paddock that you remember or the opening sequences of the Cannonball Run films, or you simply had the poster on your bedroom wall, the Countach is undoubtedly the definitive supercar for an entire generation. But only the best, early and rare examples will continue to stand out from the rest.